Pre-designed homes ready to start. Designed in-house by the Valmadre team.

The Design Studio was developed on the back of our Custom Home reputation, we devote to The Design Studio the same love and attention to detail that goes into our Custom Homes.

Design Studio homes are based around a collection of designs that use the best eco-friendly product options and construction methods and have the flexibility to be modified by the customer to create state-of-the-art sustainable living.

Our homes are all based on solar passive designs. Cross ventilation is maximized by orientating the house the best way so they are effortlessly cool in summer and warm in winter. We make the most of natural light and the customer has the option to install solar energy systems and grey water management.

All the elements we put into our Custom Homes apply to The Design Studio houses – the Valmadre signature: excellent craftsmanship; beautiful, uniquely-styled design, and with sustainability given a high profile. We achieve this by building homes using sustainable materials that have a lower carbon footprint than traditional building products, and where possible, we use materials that are sourced locally. These builds come with fixed-priced contracts for peace-of-mind and a sense of knowing where you stand with the project at each stage.